A Proven Way To Strengthen A Parent’s Relationship With Their Adopted Children

Online coaching service provides parents with a new way to build meaningful connections with their adopted children.

Building strong and meaningful relationships always takes time; it’s not something that can be rushed. There will always be a lot of adjusting and getting used to when you’ve adopted a child. A Texas-based online coaching company, Beyond Adoptions, Inc. offers Parent-to-Parent™ coaching services to help adoptive parents achieve their parenting goals.

The Beyond Adoptions’ Parent-to-Parent™ coaching service offers a universal solution for adoptive parents who are struggling to establish a healthy connection with their adopted child or children. They offer a wide array of coaching services such as: online video conferences, telephone coaching and group sessions, in addition to a 1-on-1 complimentary 40-minute parent strategy session.

As evidenced by numerous presentations at the North American Council on Adoptable Children’s 42nd Annual Conference, professionals that provide support to adoptive families understand that adopted children all experience some degree of trauma; this often shows up in patterns of behavior that can disrupt the establishment of a healthy connection with their adoptive parents. 

“Ten years ago, I adopted a little girl from Russia. Our relationship and interactions were a mess from the moment we walked out of the orphanage. She clearly had total disdain for me as her adoptive mother. It was a very challenging experience for me,” said Becky Walker, Founder and President of Beyond Adoptions, Inc. “After a lot of trial and error, and with a deep desire to create a peaceful and loving relationship, I discovered what works.”

Beyond Adoptions provides adoptive parents access to the support and information that will help them create a more meaningful and connected relationship with their adopted child or children by using nonviolent communication techniques. These techniques are proven to reduce conflicts and helps identify a child’s unmet needs; allowing for a more connected and interactive relationship between adoptive parent and child or children.

“We want to give value and ease the path for struggling adoptive parents by providing empathetic support, encouragement and practical strategies that are proven to work,” said Walker.

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