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What is BA® Parent-to-Parent™ Coaching?

  • It’s a one-on-one relationship between an Adoptive Parent* and a trained Coach
    that is also an adoptive parent.*
  • It’s an activity that helps you Clarify and Achieve your Parenting Goals.
  • It’s a place where you can be Honest, be Heard and find Empathy.
  • It’s training in Communication Techniques proven to improve Connection
    and reduce conflict.
  • It’s Customized to you and your Family Situation.
  • It’s real-time Support when you need it most.
  • It’s available on-line via Video Conferencing; or in-person (where Coaches
    are available locally).

*(includes other caregivers such as foster parents, guardians, grandparents)

Most clients experience a sense of relief as their knowledge increases and as they see improvements in their daily interactions with their adopted child.

What Can You Expect From Your Parent-to-Parent™ Coach?

  • Your Coach will provide a Safe Space in which you can express your Feelings and discuss your Experiences and Challenges.
  • Your Coach will teach you how to manage your Triggers, and how to identify your Feelings and Needs, as well as those of your Adopted Child.
  • Your Coach will help you Become More Aware of How your Adopted Child Ticks.
  • Your Coach will help you Understand what your child’s Words and Feelings really mean about the basic Needs that are driving their behaviors.
  • Your Coach will help you Practice Effective Communication Techniques that will Improve your Daily Interactions with your Adopted Child.

How is Parent-to-Parent™ Coaching Different Than Other Kinds of Coaching?

  • Our Coaches Are Themselves Adoptive Parents.
  • Our Coaches have firsthand Knowledge and Experience with the Challenges you face.
  • Our Coaches are trained in Strategies proven to be effective to Positively Impact interactions between Parents and their Adopted Children.

How is Parent-to-Parent™ Coaching Different Than Therapy?

    Parent-to-Parent™ Coaches assist adoptive parents to establish goals, create actions and practice new patterns to create better outcomes in their interactions with their adopted children. Beyond Adoptions™ Parent-to-Parent™ Coaching is not intended to replace the assessment, guidance, opinion and advice of a licensed healthcare professional; nor provide healthcare services that must be provided, by law, by a licensed healthcare professional, such as, but not limited to psychotherapy and medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Please use proper judgment and consult medical advice when appropriate.

We Look Forward to Hearing Your Story And Supporting Your Journey!

“Our Goal is to help parents and families learn practical techniques, using real experiences, to transform their home into a harmonious environment.”

– Becky Walker, Founder, Beyond Adoptions